Book Rating System

This is my system for rating books on my blog.

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Amount of “Stars”: 1 is worst, 5 is best, 5+ is better than the best!


The following are the things that will be rated:

Strong language


Graphic Details


The amount/intensity of any of those will be shown by a scale of  0-10

0 – none

1 – Barely any

2 – A touch

3 – Still good

4  – Getting there

5 – Middle of the Road

6 – ages 12 +

7 – Adult supervision

8 – Very bad

9 – Almost terrible

10+ – Terrible, or rated R


Hopefully I’ll never be reading anything that will be rated as a “10”!


Everyone’s reading values are different; some don’t like any magic or romance, some don’t mind.

If you have questions about any books I review, I would be glad to answer them!  Contact me HERE.

Lastly, I use the Amazon Affiliate program to try and make $$$ because… who doesn’t like to make money? 😉

~ Molly ~